Street Photography

Since being given my first Kodak ‘Instamatic’, on my 6th Christmas, I have almost always carried a camera, wherever I go. I love to capture moments in time, little slices of a life that I will probably never cross paths with again, wonderful places or iconic events

My first love in Photography, will always be reportage and street work, especially if I can explore light and shadow and tell a story with a single image.

My influences are again, eclectic-from Philip Jones-Griffiths and Don McCullin’s work in theatres of war, via Henri Cartier-Bresson, Martha Cooper, Vivian Maier, Trent Parke and William Klein on the streets and through to Bob Carlos Clarke and Helmut Newton in the studios.

On my travels, I have met some incredible Photographers, some of whom are ‘names’ and many of whom are not – unpublished, unrecognised, but all going about their Art with flair and passion and seeing the World through their own eyes, capturing moments and documenting humanity, as it has never been documented before. Everyone owns a camera, these days-some spend massive sums of money on the latest and greatest tech, while others have a phone with built in image capture. Whatever you have, it doesn’t matter-just being there with the ability to capture something special, is all that matters.

I don’t like “Rules”, hate being told what to do and always feel that if an image stirs an emotion, whether that is pleasure, grief or revulsion, then it has succeeded.