Renting Art

Wherever we go, either in the home, the office or out and about, we are surrounded by Art in one form or another. Art not only serves as decoration, but can also vastly improve our environment and mood, create talking points and generally improve our quality of life.

In today’s busy and hectic society, we don’t always have the time to spend selecting work to display, and as modern society has evolved to have a more ‘disposable’ outlook, it is often the case that Art can also be viewed as an ever changing commodity.With this in mind, Coronation Blue now offer an Art rental and subscription service;  Once a month, a fresh artwork will be delivered to your premises, ready to be displayed in a mount and frame supplied by us at the beginning of the agreement. You then have the choice of whether to return the artwork to us, in a pre-paid carton, or purchase and keep the art for your own purposes.

There is no minimum contract, you can decide whether to use this service for a month, or on a rolling tenure and each package is individually tailored to the number of artworks you wish to place in your chosen location. Please use the contact page to make enquiries and receive a competitive quote, or to discuss themes and styles of the art you would be interested in.