I am a firm believer in the power of good education and its’ availability to all. Some of us are fortunate enough to have had solid schooling in our younger days, with support and nurturing by our families and teachers, whilst others were not so lucky, or had learning differences that were not noticed or acknowledged by our tutors and families. So many people are of an age where they were failed by a system that was driven by numbers, a system where those of us who struggled with formal education, or took too long to be helped now find themselves to be viewed as socially and economically ‘unworthy’.

I recently completed an NVQ qualification in teaching ‘Lifelong Learning Skills’, a qualification that allows me to teach ‘core’ subjects to adults, such as basic literacy and numeracy; I will be teaching these through a variety of ways-by running photography classes and by teaching arts and crafts, such as sculpture, wood and metalwork and jewellery making. These classes will be informal, easily digestible and friendly, where the onus will be placed on not only teaching basic core skills, but also skills that can be transferred to the workplace, as well as increasing the confidence and self assurance of those taking part.