Morning Light.


As an Artist, I definitely tend to wander off at tangents. This is a good thing, the creative process is definitely non-linear and cannot be quantified according to a set of rules or by following an instruction manual.

I have always been fascinated by shadows and by the shapes that light (especially the natural, fresh from the Sun type),  can project.  The effects of reflection, refraction and diffraction give us an infinite array of materials to work with, the very building blocks of our craft. I think it was capturing the effects of shadows and altered light that first made me realise that my interest in photography was something other than merely recording a scene in its’ entirety, as it would appear to the naked eye. I have become increasingly absorbed by the minutiae, the small and  (often), quite difficult areas of a scene that many photographers struggle with-extreme contrasts and highlights that can send a light meter off the scale and can dominate an exposure. I seem to have gone off at a tangent…

Back to the subject:

During my final assignment, I have been working from the window of my home, photographing the comings and goings of the street below me and the people who live and work there. I have shot at all times of day and night, from sunrise to sunset, in pretty much every weather condition apart from blizzards and have used a range of different cameras and lenses (from expensive and precision ‘glass’ to experimental rigs I have invented, using scrap and faulty optics from telescopes, binoculars and microscopes, held together with gaff tape and lollypop sticks), to capture moods and tones.

Whilst looking out of my window one morning, waiting for an interesting shot to present itself, I noticed a beam of light projected on my cupboard door, having been filtered by partially closed Venetian blinds. The fleeting shapes and shadows projected onto the wall   were truly mesmerising and changed shape constantly, as the angle of the sun changed and clouds drifted across the sky, creating an abstract lightship for an audience of one, absolutely unique and unseen by another living soul on the planet and never to be replicated.

Being able to witness and capture such displays is the reason why I pick up my camera every single day-a chance to see and share the unrepeatable.

I have mentioned my influences many times in my writing, with Uta Barth being a particular favourite. Her observational studies of light and texture within her home have struck a particular chord with me and her work has been truly inspirational to me.



morningshadows01Reflected Sunrise.


Future Tangents.

Like many other creative types, I am constantly scribbling ideas into a notebook. Some projects will take a while to organise and plan, whereas others involve getting up early and hoping for the best. I am confidant that my future practice is heading very much in a conceptual fine Art direction, with the ultimate goal being exhibitions and gallery sales, but as with all directions, there are many tangents to wander off in.

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