Living in the Abstract:

As a visual Artist, everything I do is concerned with light and how to best capture it. During the course of my degree, experimentation in my Art has become of great importance to me. Being immersed in an a multi-practise Art School has been a wonderful and truly enlightening time for me, both personally and creatively. the sheer level of support from both tutors and fellow students has allowed me the freedom to embrace my Art as never before, to really push on and see where my imagination will take me.

Freed from the constraints of trying to create ‘proper’ photography, I have discovered a real interest in creating abstract images, using all sorts of light sources as subjects, from colour changing LED bulbs, to the rear lights on cars and trucks, fairy lights swung around my head on a piece of string and pretty much anything that creates bright, colourful light trails.

Researching others who have gone before me has opened my eyes to the works of Artists such as Ola Kolehmainen, Angie McMonigal and Dan Flavin, who’s work with bright and colourful neon signs has been of particular interest to me.

I have also embraced to power of Photoshop, discovering the power of compositing various images into one using layering techniques-somehing i’m not too proud to admit that I had never really explored before, considering myself a bit of a ‘purist’. I can now see that this almost snobbish attitude and unwillingness to embrace the creative power of technology has (to some degree), held me back as an Artist.











This new found interest and direction has been both a shock to me, but also a massively interesting and exciting discovery-I almost feel that I am discovering Art all over again and am certainly enthused and brimming over with the creative possibilities that an open mind and fresh perspective bring.

I will be continuing to produce ‘Commercially viable’ work, such as my Land and Seascapes (which I now supply to a number of galleries and sales spaces), but will also be  exploring he possibilities of holding an exhibition of my abstract work and trying to gauge the popularity of my new direction, via honest reviews from my tutors and peers within the Art School and beyond.

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